CUDA Installation Guide for Ubuntu

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Anyone doing machine learning right now is probably familiar with Nvidia’s GPU computation library CUDA. It delivers an incredible performance boost that makes training deep neural networks possible on even a single workstation.

However, for all it’s awesome performance CUDA can be hard to install and sometimes interferes with the graphics drivers and the display manager.

Therefore I wrote this small installation guide in case I would ever need to reinstall my computer. It is based mostly off the official Nvidia guide but I gathered all the information in one place with a section containing fixes to problems I encountered.

I’ll try to keep it updated but for now, I think the method should work for the recent versions of Ubuntu (>= 14.04) and CUDA (>=7.5).

The guide is hosted as a Gist on Github, but I also embedded the guide below for convenience.


Erik Gärtner

Erik Gärtner

Research Scientist at RADiCAL