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dTree is a library for visualizing data trees with multiple parents built on top of D3 by @mbostock. A typical use case would be visualizing family trees.


A while back I decided to try to generate an interactive family tree that supported all that we have come to expect from a modern graph experience. It was to be panable, zoomable and easily customizable. To my surprise no such solution existed.

The famous D3 library had all the tools that was needed but required somewhat extensive work for what was essentially a simple task. I therefore set out to write my own library that built upon D3 but offered the user a much more streamlined experience optimized for this specific task.


dTree is written in Javascript and relies heavily on D3. It supports all modern browsers except Internet Explorer.

The main features are:

Where can I find dTree?

dTree is released as open source under the MIT license at my GitHub.

To demo the library I built the web service Treehouse that is a playground for using the dTree library without having to create an entire webpage. There you can checkout this small demo or create your own graph.

Erik Gärtner

Erik Gärtner

Research Scientist at RADiCAL